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CausesTechnological Integration
November 7, 2019

A Focus on Data and Automation

Two and a half quintillion bytes of data are created every day (source: http://archive.ibmsystemsmag.com/mainframe/business-strategy/green-it/power_crunch/). In…
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November 2, 2019

Private Universities

Allow opportunities for reputed international universities to open private, high-standard universities in Sri Lanka. This…
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CausesSmart Cities
October 23, 2019

Discipline of Private & SLTB Bus Staff

Discipline of mainly private buses is utter disappointing. They never care about the law. Even…
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CausesEducationSmart Cities
October 19, 2019

State Administration to Improve Public Service

Currently,  the public faces immense inconveniences and discrimination at the public service sector, causing delays…
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