Regulate Three Wheelers in Urban Areas

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There is a lack of discipline in drivers, mostly of three-wheel and motorcycle drivers, who contribute to traffic accidents and road congestions. Therefore, actions must be taken to regulate three-wheelers as a form of public transport, introduce better taxi systems, regulate the current three-wheeled taxi systems, and impose stricter laws.

~ G M Sunith  Kumara

Management of Food Related Chemicals and Fertiliser Usage

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We are facing a very unfortunate situation due to excessive use of fertilisers and many other food-related chemicals such as chemicals used to ripen fruits. Although best tropical fruits grow in this country, most of these fruits available for our purchase are mostly artificially ripened through the use of excessive amounts of chemicals. Most of the vegetables and rice are also full of chemicals. Majority of us cannot afford only organic food.

A massive number of people are already suffering from kidney problems due to direct and indirect exposure to fertilisers. I have seen how not only the patients but their families suffer both psychologically and economically from all areas of this country when I used to take my father for dialysis for nearly 5 years.

While it’s important to build medical facilities for these affected people, I believe a proper program is required to address the root of this issue. Please look into this as a matter of importance. Please don’t let multi-billion-dollar fertiliser companies make our nation sick.

~ Dinesha Costa

Helping Students with Dyslexia

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I suggest that the Ministry of Education must accommodate the needs of students who have Dyslexia and provide education and awareness to teachers who sadly do not even know what this disorder is. Teachers mostly tend to think that the child is slow or not interested in school work. But in dyslexic student it is different. They are very clever and smart, although they struggle to read and write.

Not everyone can afford private therapy for children with Dyslexia. So my suggestion is that the government must reach out to teachers and advise them to give all the requirements needed by a dyslexic student. For example in the Cambridge curriculum, they allow 25% extra time in exams, typewriters, and oral exams.

~ Vindya Bandara

Compulsory English Medium School Curriculum

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It will be highly beneficial for students if at least above grade six, the Maths and Science school curriculum is taught in English medium. This will make it a lot easier for students to acquire more knowledge, broaden the understanding of the English language, and make the transition to university easier. It will also bring more opportunities globally to our students.

~ Dulmina Gunawardena

Abolish Student Harassment in State Universities

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At present Sri Jayewardenepura university is considered as one of the best universities in South Asia. The standard and the quality of this university is many times better than any private institution for higher education in the region in the respective studies.  Many foreign students from all over the world are willing to come to Sri Lanka and follow their higher education in this reputed university. If foreign students are given the chance to come to Sri Lanka and study in the Japura University as exchange students that would earn a large amount of income to the country as they are willing to pay up to 50 million rupees for what Lanka’s students receive for free. Even when at certain times this opportunity is given to them they are doubtful mainly due to the “ragging” done by local students.

This is not only regarding this certain university but regarding many of the high standard universities in the country. If you could focus your attention on these student exchange plans and minimizing student harassment this would be a huge turning point in the Lankan education system as well as the community’s exposure to the world.

~ Ravindu Abeywickrama & Dulmina Gunawardena

Implementing a Circular Bus Service in the Kandy City

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Kandy City is facing an issue of traffic jam and the air pollution which are critical issues faced by the citizens. This is mainly due to the high number of vehicles entering the city. The transportation facilities which are unable to meet the required standards makes people use their own vehicles even for short-distance commutes, which increases this congestion.

If a circular bus service can be implemented in the city, this will decrease the number of vehicles entering the city. The vehicle parking facility fulfilled through the municipal council car park was not enough to meet the demand which finally made citizens get permission to park their vehicles in the wide streets which occupied a considerable space of the city streets. The implementation of circular bus service will definitely be a pretty good solution for the town area.

The main two roads which enable people to enter the city from the Peradeniya side are Sirimavo Bandaranayake Mawatha and William Gopallawa Mawatha which are running parallel to each other and having high traffic conditions. The former Governor of the Central Province Mr Maithree Gunarathne took steps to make the roads one-way roads for like two weeks which was a failure and was later renounced. The circular bus service will be a solution for the traffic conditions on these roads too.

~ Madhurya Kirindigoda

Rectifications on Policy for Medications, Substitutes and Distribution

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Many regular brands of OTC medications and particularly children’s prescribed medications are unavailable in stock for the past year.

Especially disturbing is the fact that private pharmacies suggest different brand names for a prescribed medication due to unavailability in-stock.

However, many children (and adults) may react negatively or allergic to a given substitute/brand change.

It is suggested to make suitable changes in the process and regulations to avoid sudden fluctuations of drug prices and changes in imports of drugs as these are fast becoming a necessary commodity with the changes in lifestyle and environment.

~ S Kasthurirathne

Network Development – Better Internet Facilities

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The internet has now become a vital part of human life. Furthermore, our generation has numerous learning and entrepreneurial opportunities via the internet. However, currently, there are no good network packages that offer good speed internet facilities. We do not need free Wi-Fi, but better unlimited network packages for a reasonable price like in developed countries.

~ Janith Lakshan & Chamodi Abisheka

Religious Co-Existence Education in Schools

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I personally feel that religious education from the school curriculum should be curtailed for students of the future. Instead, we should introduce an “interfaith” or “Coexistence” module for children to understand each other’s diverse cultures and religious values in detail.

I being a student of a leading Muslim school, have not had the privilege of learning the culture and the religious values of my fellow Sri Lankans although I wanted to. I am sure my brothers and sisters from other faiths also would have experienced the same when they were young school goers. I think this has actually separated us and have given us a reason to hate each other’s faith. All these racial tensions are mainly due to not having an understanding of each other’s religion and cultural values.

Thus, I suggest keeping the values and cultural norms in place, we should consider introducing a subject called “Interfaith” to the school curriculum, thus teaching the future Sri Lankans to respect each other’s faiths and cultures.

~ Shibly Sardhar

Animal Welfare

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As you are aware in many developing countries, facilities have been provided for drinking water and food for street dogs. ( I do have suggestions for this to do it practically. Those can be provided as and when required ) If this can not be implemented by town by town, government sponsorship could be granted to the various private animal care voluntary companies. Such companies request public assistance for Animal Welfare causes.

It is obvious there is always a very poor public response. As you may aware that in many developing countries Animal Care Awareness programs have been positively spread. In this contest, I do believe Animal Care Awareness and Nature are the two strongest pillars of the development of a country. Do you ever believe in the slaughtering of animals for food for people is humanity? Therefore please take necessary actions to stop killing animals for Beef, Pork and Mutton. I do believe that this could be a very controversial and hard decision for you to make but I have recognized you as a person who fearlessly accepts challenges as a brave political leader.

Please take necessary actions to enhance the facilities for caged animals in the Zoological Gardens – Dehiwala to provide free roaming facilities in vast areas. When I was working in the Hospitality trade, many foreign tourists had a big question as to why we have caged animals and limited their freedom which is a disgrace for our country. Finally, I would like to stress generally it’s known fact a government should take actions to eradicate poverty of its people. But having said that animals are also a part of nature. They do have a right to live on earth. They can not express their feelings. We as human beings are considered most civilized and intelligent creature of earth. It is our duty and responsibility to be kind to each and every creature of the world as per the Buddhist philosophy. I do hope you will kindly consider my suggestions on humanitarian grounds and take necessary actions to create a better Sri Lanka for a prosperous future.


~ Dulanjana Pravani Jayathilake