Religious Co-Existence Education in Schools

By November 9, 2019Causes, Education

I personally feel that religious education from the school curriculum should be curtailed for students of the future. Instead, we should introduce an “interfaith” or “Coexistence” module for children to understand each other’s diverse cultures and religious values in detail.

I being a student of a leading Muslim school, have not had the privilege of learning the culture and the religious values of my fellow Sri Lankans although I wanted to. I am sure my brothers and sisters from other faiths also would have experienced the same when they were young school goers. I think this has actually separated us and have given us a reason to hate each other’s faith. All these racial tensions are mainly due to not having an understanding of each other’s religion and cultural values.

Thus, I suggest keeping the values and cultural norms in place, we should consider introducing a subject called “Interfaith” to the school curriculum, thus teaching the future Sri Lankans to respect each other’s faiths and cultures.

~ Shibly Sardhar

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