Implementing a Circular Bus Service in the Kandy City

Kandy City is facing an issue of traffic jam and the air pollution which are critical issues faced by the citizens. This is mainly due to the high number of vehicles entering the city. The transportation facilities which are unable to meet the required standards makes people use their own vehicles even for short-distance commutes, which increases this congestion.

If a circular bus service can be implemented in the city, this will decrease the number of vehicles entering the city. The vehicle parking facility fulfilled through the municipal council car park was not enough to meet the demand which finally made citizens get permission to park their vehicles in the wide streets which occupied a considerable space of the city streets. The implementation of circular bus service will definitely be a pretty good solution for the town area.

The main two roads which enable people to enter the city from the Peradeniya side are Sirimavo Bandaranayake Mawatha and William Gopallawa Mawatha which are running parallel to each other and having high traffic conditions. The former Governor of the Central Province Mr Maithree Gunarathne took steps to make the roads one-way roads for like two weeks which was a failure and was later renounced. The circular bus service will be a solution for the traffic conditions on these roads too.

~ Madhurya Kirindigoda

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