Abolish Student Harassment in State Universities

By November 9, 2019Causes, Education

At present Sri Jayewardenepura university is considered as one of the best universities in South Asia. The standard and the quality of this university is many times better than any private institution for higher education in the region in the respective studies.  Many foreign students from all over the world are willing to come to Sri Lanka and follow their higher education in this reputed university. If foreign students are given the chance to come to Sri Lanka and study in the Japura University as exchange students that would earn a large amount of income to the country as they are willing to pay up to 50 million rupees for what Lanka’s students receive for free. Even when at certain times this opportunity is given to them they are doubtful mainly due to the “ragging” done by local students.

This is not only regarding this certain university but regarding many of the high standard universities in the country. If you could focus your attention on these student exchange plans and minimizing student harassment this would be a huge turning point in the Lankan education system as well as the community’s exposure to the world.

~ Ravindu Abeywickrama & Dulmina Gunawardena

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