Flexibility for Vehicle modifications

The vehicle industry in Sri Lanka is virtually unknown and relies completely on imports. However, it is a very dynamic field with many talented youths waiting for an opportunity to put their skills into practice.

With the new technology available, this is a growing area around the world and fewer restrictions would allow the growth of new talent and inventions within the country. The present restrictions are derived from an ancient gazette and this has been a very questionable issue for all vehicle modifiers/renovators who are interested in generating transformation in this field.

Therefore, it is suggested to allow safe and suitable modification and enhancement of vehicles.
This would open up new avenues of business and entrepreneurship and minimize import costs and expenditure, while also contributing as an eco-conscious venture towards the country’s future. Old or even condemned vehicle parts could be utilized to use the parts more effectively and create low-cost new requirements.

Limitations should only affect modification or extreme enhancements to vehicle horns and noise pollution and fit-on of devices that enhance the speed of the vehicle unnecessarily.

~ S Kasthurirathne

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