Animal Welfare

By November 7, 2019Causes, Education

As you are aware in many developing countries, facilities have been provided for drinking water and food for street dogs. ( I do have suggestions for this to do it practically. Those can be provided as and when required ) If this can not be implemented by town by town, government sponsorship could be granted to the various private animal care voluntary companies. Such companies request public assistance for Animal Welfare causes.

It is obvious there is always a very poor public response. As you may aware that in many developing countries Animal Care Awareness programs have been positively spread. In this contest, I do believe Animal Care Awareness and Nature are the two strongest pillars of the development of a country. Do you ever believe in the slaughtering of animals for food for people is humanity? Therefore please take necessary actions to stop killing animals for Beef, Pork and Mutton. I do believe that this could be a very controversial and hard decision for you to make but I have recognized you as a person who fearlessly accepts challenges as a brave political leader.

Please take necessary actions to enhance the facilities for caged animals in the Zoological Gardens – Dehiwala to provide free roaming facilities in vast areas. When I was working in the Hospitality trade, many foreign tourists had a big question as to why we have caged animals and limited their freedom which is a disgrace for our country. Finally, I would like to stress generally it’s known fact a government should take actions to eradicate poverty of its people. But having said that animals are also a part of nature. They do have a right to live on earth. They can not express their feelings. We as human beings are considered most civilized and intelligent creature of earth. It is our duty and responsibility to be kind to each and every creature of the world as per the Buddhist philosophy. I do hope you will kindly consider my suggestions on humanitarian grounds and take necessary actions to create a better Sri Lanka for a prosperous future.


~ Dulanjana Pravani Jayathilake

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