Centralised Patients’ Database

In Sri Lanka, most of the government hospitals, private hospitals, clinics and private consultations maintain their own patients records. These same patients in the future will access more than one place on different occasions, but the diagnosis and the medication history may not be taken into proper consultation.

Elderly people might not provide proper history details and the medications followed due to poor memory. Some may have allergies to certain medications and may not provide accurate information to another doctor. This may put their life in great risk.

Therefore, I propose to introduce centralised system to store all patient details and provide access across hospitals and clinics. These hospitals and clinics should sign an agreement with Ministry of Health to safeguard personal data security and the details of patients.

During new patient registration, it is best to obtain written permission to share personal information across all health sectors. We can use digital identity cards to store and scan during consultation to access medical history records.

This initiative will provide more clarity about the patient to the doctors and also minimise errors.

~ Asitha Kalinga Bulathsinghala

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