Society Free from Hatred

By October 19, 2019Causes, Education, National Security

Whatever the little development we Sri Lankans have achieved for the last 70yrs, it is sad to see that we all have fully accommodated hatred within us. No doubt the 30yrs of war and consumer-oriented society have contributed a lot to it. Now the war is over and I believe we all Sri Lankans need to go through a ‘POST WAR REHABILITATION’- a mental and physical cleansing program (not just the armed forces).

Today we see people full of hatred; we hear speeches, see activities full of hatred; be it Political or any other social issue (most occasions we see the points are valid and true though) what we see is hatred. this has seeped into every corner of every person in the society and it springs out in unexpected events in harmful ways; minor issues like one becomes aggressive in driving,  a child becomes aggressive in the event of losing a sports event, a parent becomes violent hearing the child is not able to get sufficient marks in exams, families split over small issues, religious leaders become violent , friends fight in social media, to major issues like ragging at universities  become terrorist acts, politicians spread hate instead gather people for greater cause, and ethnic and racial violence etc. The list can go on and on.

Its high time to put a big full stop to this!

We need a new era of ‘ Society free from Hatred’ starting from 2020. it will not come automatically; we need laws to encourage it, we need lots of activities, programs, education, social reforms, religious inputs, and leaders and a leadership to guide society towards that peaceful and beautiful society.

~ Madhangi Alwis

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