Reducing Intersection Accidents

By October 12, 2019Causes, Smart Cities

Many fatal accidents occur in intersections due to the speed of drivers but is rare when a police personal is controlling the interchanges. Bambalapitiya Police Accident – Kadawatha By-pass road accident was among them.

When the light is about to change from orange to red(with or without countdown), most of the people are used to accelerate and cross that junction to avoid waiting for another 45 – 60Secs.
When in the orange blinking situations, not many concerns about the other roads – in nights its worst.

I’m suggesting to implement a low for a speed limit (controllable speed about 40Kmph) to cross an intersection when there is no police personal is controlling the traffic. Crossing in a high-speed is not a big solution to reduce jams.

Even if the error made by the victim, human life is much more valuable than anything else.

~ Pathum Kalubowila

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