Promote Herbal Industry as a Thrust Industry

By October 12, 2019Causes, Emerging Industries

It is an inherited industry on which we have the raw material /plants, technology, know how and bonded tradition. Our plant species are unique to our climatic, podsolic (soil) conditions rich in principle chemical substances and are far better than the ones in the Indian sub Continent
Internationally it is a $200 Billion industry. We have touched the surface only. Now even MNC too have taken as a priority product. Its scope is yet to be discovered. Its investment is very low in the cultivation segment.

This industry creates 5 product categories: Pharmaceuticals, nutraceuticles, aromatic and beauty care products, essential oils, chemical substances plus services in the hospitality industry.  It will have far reaching economic and social impacts  as cultivation and processing can spread through out the country mostly in dry and arid zones and marginal and high saline coast line, creating job opportunities in cultivation, collection, semi processing, manufacturing trading and exporting. It will provide a direct input to the wellness tourism industry. It will not be a foot loose industry.

~ Yasapala Nanayakkara

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