Effective Implementation of National Policies

By October 12, 2019Causes, Education

Very often when new governments come to power, the Ministries so appointed either formulate or revise the national policies pertaining to the relevant subjects spending enormous money and time.  These policies have rarely been implemented despite being comprehensive. If action is taken to strategically implement the formulated policies with regular monitoring, the set targets can be successfully achieved. Therefore, it is necessary to setup Policy Implementation Units (PIUs), at least in the key Ministries such as Education, Health, Agriculture, Transport etc., that should identify and coordinate with the responsible parties, workout the strategies with them and take action towards effective implementation.

The progress of the Ministries and the responsible parties regarding effective policy implementation needs to be assessed in regular time intervals at the highest level of authority in the presence of all relevant stakeholders. This approach will ensure achieving the intended goals of the national policies of the Ministries and in turn, the national policies of the government as a whole, towards socio-economic development of the country.

~ Dr (Mrs) S. I. Wickremasinghe

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