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With the slogan ‘Go Green’ gaining popularity, more and more people are becoming aware of their environment and are doing things to save our planet. Recently, in the funeral industry a new concept has emerged called ‘green burial’ which is an eco friendly manner to return the body of the deceased to Mother Nature. This innovative way of caring for the dead body has minimal environmental impact.

Once the body of the deceased is buried in an eco-friendly manner, family members can even plant a memorial tree over or near the grave. The tree when grows up forms a living memorial in the name of the deceased. This way the trees serve as a marker to locate the grave of the deceased.

Currently, in the US there are few green cemeteries, whereas in the UK it is more than two hundred. But with the concept of ‘green burial’ gaining popularity, more green cemeteries will come up in the near future.

~ Nirman Perera

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