Drone-Based Service and Facility Providing Platform

We can cut cost of the traditional exercises carried by some of the government institutions by using centralized drone network. For example we can deploy drones for police patrols, costal inspections, wild life monitoring, traffic inspection, search and rescue, first response, surveillance and raid mission planing ext. This reduces operational costs, eliminate life threats to officials, digital video evidence and proofs. This increase the response time of the operations while maintaining the low operation cost. And as a country we can be ahead of time compared to other asian and western countries.
I can assist and provide technology which is yet to be experienced by Sri Lanka with five pending patents on drone technologies.
Hope you will realise the need of fusing the cost effective and new technologies for safety and also for the faster economic growth of my mother land.

~ Sankalpa De Silva

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  • We should pay our serious attention in this regards. Instead of using as a just flying toy we can De elopand utilise Drones to do many operational activities for enhancing the accuracy, productivity and efficiency with minimal cost.
    Time has come that responsible personnel to focus their attention in this regard.

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