Control Road Traffic with High Tech

Sri Lankans, especially in urban districts usually hampered by the daily traffic jams.
Usually people needs to bring their vehicles to the road very early in the day to reach to their offices or businesses.
Same goes for the students.

Sri Lankan roads are not yet fully developed in urban cities to coup with heavy traffic flows. This is due to poor road management and constructions.
Some roads are without pavements and crossings, so the people walk on the roads and cross from anywhere they wants.
Similarly the traffic system is not developed to auto lighting systems.

I’d like to suggest few things that can be taken up as a better improvements.
First we need to introduce mobile map apps to all the citizens, such as google maps, waze etc,.
People should make a habit to switch on the map when they start riding or driving. This will be the first base or the foundation we need.

Once people are used to it, we should bring in the tech specialist (from Googlemaps, waze etc) to allow traffic police systems to engage with them.
These tech teams should get the feedings from the roads and allow traffic police personals to divert their map with alternatives.
When the traffic is mounting in one main road, immediately figure out set of riders, drivers and provide an alternative route and divert them towards.
Those alternative route marking should happen in real-time and allow police personal to control this from their bases.

This will be an excellent method to control the traffic and allow the people to provide their full productive time to their relevant jobs.
Else most of the time, people spend their 30% of productive time on the roads.

Knowing that the road developments in urban districts are minimal this method will bring a significant success to the nation.

~ Asitha Kalinga Bulathsinghala

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  • Sarath Hemachandra De Silva says:

    Kandy Peradeniya Town and upto Pilimathalawa town or upto Kadugannawa, traffic jams occurs on everyday. This is the big problem to passengers especially employees of government and public sectors, and people who travel to Kandy town or Colombo or for their necessities in everyday. We learned that this traffic jams occurs cause huge uses of three wheels and motor cars and cause misconduct of drivers (indiciplinary) as well as the misconduct of Police traffic officers. For solutions The government should install traffic signals system, extend road width four or three lanes, build one way to kandy city or Peradeniya Town with sky bridges and pass the sky bridges of Pilimathalawa town and build extended width (Peradeniya bridge). Install electronic CCTV Traffic Control Signals system to Pilimathalawa areas and Kandy city areas and Peradeniya Town. Although the need direct the Police officers to Spotfine mechanism to prevents of using huge number of Motor Cars, vans and to indiciplinary drivers

    • Asitha Kalinga says:

      It is not hard to manage Kandy traffic flow.
      Kandy city roads are consists of 2 lanes.
      We need to build a common carpark facility at least 1km away from the main city. Encourage the people to use the public carpark by providing vouchers, free 1hr parking, free shuttle bus vouchers etc.
      Then by provide linking walkway bridges to walk above the roads. Those bridges should have escalators. And Free shuttle buses to different places in the city. Example Maligawa, Museum, Malls, Market, Bus Hub etc.,
      Different sides of the linking walkway bridges can be hand over to companies to maintain and use for their quality advertising. Government or the Municipal council can earn from that and install security personals, escalators and CCTV monitoring systems.
      Avoid Roadside parking is a must, provide better crossings along with the linking bridges. Centralized traffic monitoring system and computerized traffic flow management will allow traffic police to do better job than now.

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