Accessible and convenient services from Government departments

1. A unique ID number (similar to social security numbers) should be provided to every person at birth. That should be the unique identifier for that person until death. Biometric data should be included with this.

2. Every citizen should have a login to government services using the ID number, password. This system should be able to send text messages (or mobile notifications for better security) to the phone of the requester. Security of this service should be at the highest level with 2 step authentication.

3. All government departments should be a part of a wide government network connected through the same simple website.

4. Every government department (including the Inland Revenue) should provide all possible services online.

5. The progress of every request should be visible to the person submitting the request as the status of the application.

6. A Government Helpdesk should be setup with an automatic response system. E.g. When a citizen sends an email (or gives a phone call), an automated reply to the email with the reference number of the request should be sent. If it is a phone call, the reference number should be read out. That reference number should be quoted for further inquiries. Every help request should be followed up until resolved. There should be service levels for resolving issues (time periods)

7. The culture of government service has to improve. One example is responding to emails. At the moment, no one responds to emails and that is really disappointing.

This will reduce time spent on getting services from the government, reduce corruption and increase productivity.

Also will help reduce traffic as people do not need to travel to the city for every little thing.

~ Sulochana Bakmeewewa

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