In the past few years, we have seen lots of harassment on foreigners (e.g., husband murdered, the story of a foreign couple from Tangalle who struggled for hours in the night to get legal support for harassment, a foreign lady from Passekudah harassed by a gang, and a security personal asking another lady out at a hotel lobby, etc).

These stories were on social media and was too late when action was taken. It paints a very bad picture of our great hospitality as these incidents were posted on international travel pages.

We should introduce a mobile app called “Self Defense” or similar, owned by the defense ministry, and get foreigners to install just after arriving or before using their passport details. Through this, they can record and capture any incident, and complain through that app which will automatically sync with a government database. Similar to 119, these incidents should be monitored 24×7 for immediate action. The app should use devise location and camera directly to capture the incident for accuracy of the footage.

We can promote this on foreign travel youtube channels to educate foreigners about the special security measures taken to protect them, as safety and security are very vital when promoting tourism. It will motivate travelers to get the world’s best-secured travel experience.

We can  of course expand this for locals as well.

~ Pathum Kalubowila

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