Prepare Your Child for Life, Not Exams

By October 8, 2019Causes, Education

Grade 5 scholarship and other government exams are giving young students stress and nightmares. There are reported incidents of children having anxiety depression even at the tender age of 10. The excessive exams are not driving up standards but driving children, teachers and parents crazy. We need to prepare kids for life not just for exams. We need a different approach.

What we can learn from a small Nordic nation, Finland?

“Many homework and exams doesn’t mean better results, we prepare children to learn how to learn not how to take exams” – Pasi Sahlberg, Finland’s minister of education and culture.

Not until sixth grade will children have the option to sit for the district wide exam. The transformation of Finn’s education system began four decades ago as a key propellant of the country’s economic recovery plan.

The first step of the suggested recovery process for Sri Lanka is:

· The grade five scholarship be there only to aid financially difficult households and not required to make this process to get in to “popular schools”.

· Every village must have a grade 1-5 primary school.

· Every two to three villages must have a secondary school from grade 6-11.

· Every city must have high school for A/Ls with hostel facilities.

This will manage the “necessity of going to popular school” and allow all children to have an equal right to have a good education.

~ Tharinda De Silva

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