Clean Country by Changing Attitude

By October 6, 2019Causes, Smart Cities

It’s a bit hard to educate people to throw their trash in a proper way, at least on public areas and tourist attractive areas.

We need to place proper trash cans on all the possible spots people to throw away their waste. Our people are not disciplined enough to carry their waste home or till they find a proper waste bin. They will just throw away their empty food cover or ice-cream stick

We need to appoint relevant staff (like people who collect roadside parking tickets – they are a bit rude and straight to the business) to take care about those trash cans to be not filled always for people to use them. no need separate bins (food-paper-plastic) as our people are not in that standard. We need to get them to fine people who throw trash away on public places. giving a commission for those staff will be an added motivation for them to find victims who throw the waste away. and they will be very keen on collecting money.

We can fine 50.00 -100.00 or an increased amount on places like victoria park, Galle fort, Kandy, Galle face, Gregory lake park Nuwara Eliya, railway stations, bus stations, even a higher amount on Peradeniya gardens, Haggala, Sigiriya, Horton plains. Then people will slowly learn not to dump on non fining environments also. Now smoking in public places are very rare and people are afraid of it. We cannot change the attitudes of our traditional people without a fine.

We can build a Great Sri Lanka.

~ Pathum Kalubowila

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