Younger Educated Workforce

By October 2, 2019Causes, Education

I firmly believe that  Sri Lanka needs major educational reform.  In our system, students finish their school education at the age of 19 and entering government universities at the age of 20-21. If they do a 4-year degree they are graduate at the age of 25. But if we compared with other countries like the USA and India their students finish their high school education at the age of 17 and they are graduate at the age of 21 and entering the workforce.  But when our graduates entering the workforce at the age of 25 they are in the mindset of settling down and already their energy is drained.  I believe that if we can release our youth early into the workforce, they can be a major contributor to our country’s development.

Also please allocate more money for research and development.

~ Randika Abeysinghe

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