Care for the Aged and Insurance

I propose a more active role by the government to provide aftercare for the elderly who are in particular over the ages of 65 years and or disable. Even pensioners who have regular government income but need special care due to disability or senility. Also to consider a Dole or an insurance scheme by the government to those above that age category to get proper medical and aftercare. Currently, there is no aftercare insurance solutions available for the elderly who are over the age of 69  in Sri Lanka and this is a dire need since the population is fast ageing and more aged are requiring long term aftercare. This will also release the productive humane resource especially the women to contribute more to the economy as they are the ones ago are most burden with the elderly at home and looking after the needs round the clock. Hope this would be seriously taken into consideration as this is dire need irrespective of class and creed.

~ Ajith Rajapakse

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  • Isuru Senadheera says:

    I agree with this proposal. There should be a proper way of taking care of the aged. Either insurance or a pension scheme is appreciated.

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