Urge Sri Lankan ISPs to introduce unlimited/fiber or high-speed internet packages without FUP & with less tax. Then people can work from home without worrying about data usage.

Before 2010, Sri Lanka had true unlimited packages. Even SLT, Dialog, Lanka Bell provided such packages, but now all are limited, so this limit is not enough for young entrepreneurs.

Please discuss with local ISPs, or encourage local ISPs to connect with foreign root/regional ISPs to make the optimal use of international data back bone, if main bandwidth is not sufficient for Sri Lankan unlimited internet providing. Especially more bandwidth or new back bone cabling for Sri Lankan ISPS with the help of local/international internet service providers and the government.

~ Anuradha

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  • Sam says:

    This is one of the main requests of Sri Lankan Youth.

  • Yasith says:

    This requirement is very important in this modern world. In develop and technologically advance Countries such as Finland offer unlimited internet for its citizens. Most of the work could be done at home via internet saving lots of time.

  • Rashitha Aluthge says:

    This is the most valuable addition to a country that will be run in the future mainly via the Internet. Conserving and managing a limited amount of Data does not let the user freely use the full potential of the Internet properly. Almost every country in the world offers unlimited internet and I believe that Sri Lanka should have it too.

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