Measures must be taken to introduce sustainable and renewable energy sources and means (such as floating solar panels) as our main energy source to minimise environmental pollution. Policies should be put in place to work on increasing the use of solar power and other renewable energy sources.

~ Chanya Padmaperuma

As we get more than 10 hours of sunlight per day we have to make the maximum use of it. By installing solar panels in cities where there is sunlight throughout the day( for example: Anuradhapura) our country will be able to maximize the revenue from solar energy.

~ Yasith Hennadige


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  • Shehan says:

    The government should encourage every organization to user solar energy by removing tax for solar panels and rewarding/paying their contribution to the national grid.

  • Hann Kaya says:

    This should be our top priority and we need to make a shift towards solar and other renewable forms of energy. Coal is seriously negatively impactful on the environment. Why are we still looking at buildings coal power plants?

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