Mitigate Price Fluctuation of Crops

By September 30, 2019Causes, Emerging Industries

Policies in place to minimize price fluctuation of vegetables through a planned schedule of cultivation. Identify monthly local vegetable consumption
Calculate the required land area to cater to this monthly vegetable requirement
Calculate the existing land area of vegetable production
Calculate the additionally required land.
Issue permits to vegetable growers.
The government should determine the price of each vegetable based on supply and demand of each vegetable.
Call applications from farmers who have permits each month.
Allocation of vegetable variety and species should be done according to the previously calculated consumer demand.

This will help to achieve sustainable vegetable production based on a supply-demand basis, which automatically leads to price stability safeguarding both farmer and consumer.

Farmers should encourage to get “good agricultural practices” certification.
Later, farmers can be encouraged to engage in organic farming while market strategies for such organic foods should be developed.
Capable entrepreneurs can empower to produce such organic foods using protected houses such as polytunnels, greenhouses etc. and use of high technology for efficient irrigation and fertilizer application.
Field cultivation can be empowered through efficient irrigation such as drip or drop irrigation.

~ Prof. Disna Ratnasekera

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