Volunteering Space for Young and Common People

By September 29, 2019Causes, Education, Emerging Industries

I suggest to have a framework where young (i.e. University students and etc.) and others are given a chance to work in selected government departments and other institutions as volunteers.

This should not be in their relevant study area or profession; behind this suggestion I am expecting to see some attitude change of new generation too. For an example, allowing an engineering student to spend volunteer hours helping cancer patients. This is to experience something different. This is to learn about life.

This volunteering experience could be taken to account when entering universities or getting a job. For example, we can have a team of volunteers to help during crisis situations such as floods. This valuable service should be recognised. This framework should give ease of working. If I can spend two hours from my weekend to help someone, I should be able to do that without going through a lot of documents and authentications, etc. It could be a nation-wide portal with a database.

On the other hand, these volunteers could also be useful in fields that the government cannot keep tons of permanent employees for activities which only comes seasonally or need little to no training.

Last but not least, this should be COMPLETELY FREE FROM POLITICAL interference.

~ Sumedha

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  • Yasapala Nanayakkara says:

    I agree with this proposal. Voluntarism is a national heritage of greatest cultural value in our country. I have worked for 40 years with the Sri Lanka Saukyadana Movement as a volunteer. The value it can add to GDP is immense in mobilizing competent and benevolent labour and timely services. At the moment I am doing a tube well in the wanni area

  • Isuru Senadheera says:

    I am glad to see this proposal. Volunteering is a great platform to build social engagement, build values and ethics of specially in young generation by giving back to communities, build life skills/new competencies, make people educated about social aspects, to build positive attitudes within the people. This is a great tool Sri Lanka could have invested more, to build its people. As we now speak about competency based education over qualification based education, volunteerism is a great platform that we can use to build people’s competency and leadership skills.

    I volunteer in Leo clubs and toastmasters (I have experience over 14 years in working with youth in Leo clubs). In order to add value to Leo club members for their volunteering efforts, and to certify their competency on leadership and project management for job market in project management, we ran a pilot program named ‘Leo Leadership Graduation’ among Leo club members. The program was based on guided learning and volunteer hours. Our plan was to see if we can match competencies build from volunteerism to match towards nvq levels in the future.

    I am glad to help in any worthy cause in promoting volunteerism.

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