Enhance and Revamp Public Transportation

Revamping the current public transportation system with the integration of technology, operational developments, and regulation. The biggest problem we face in transportation is traffic congestion. Lots of man-hours and fuel is being wasted there which can easily be utilised for the economy. Actions must be put in place to reduce the number of vehicles entering the cities. Parking facilities must be provided for vehicles in order to enable convenience.

Bus fare must be regulated in and around the city, and public transport should be monitored using technology so that the commuters can easily track and plan their journies ahead of time.

Train transportation has to be uplifted as well. Office trains are always fully packed and are mostly life-threatening and dangerous to commute in. In addition, train delays create crucial problems in the occupational life of people. The number of trains, as well as the number of wagons, have to be increased with the implementation of better ticketing systems. Also, the current linear track system must be revamped and a net-like system must be introduced.

The discipline related to both drivers and pedestrians must be enhanced and need to introduce strict rules and regulations such as road rules for drivers as well as strict rules on usage of pedestrian crossings for pedestrians. The discipline of bus conductors and bus drivers must be improved. I believe a proper training for the bus conductors will solve this issue up to a certain level.

If a bus tracking mechanism (app to track the location of buses using GPS Technology) will be introduced, the unnecessary time spent on roads can be reduced.

~ Lalinda Bamunusingha & Pramuk Hewawasam

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~ Tharkana Kulatunge


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  • Akhila Rangana says:

    Further to this as a passenger who used to use the busses it was very obvious that busses stop and wait as they wish as there were no proper regularities to monitor them. It’s a simple job to give them a schedule with a place to be along with he time. It’s not simply because the busses are either owned by politicians or someone with the powers of some politicians this is a huge loss to the country as people have to wait in roads during their office hours. Further oil can easily be transported by trains and this is not done just to favor the Lordy owners who are transporting them for the time being and that is a huge loss to the country as a whole. Further more, the train lines have to be double lined as this is the best way of solving existing issues.

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