Effective Rainwater Management System

Water scarcity in certain rural areas of Sri Lanka is an unattended issue that has been prevailing for a long period of time. In certain rural areas, people have to travel for long distances to get access to safe drinking water in drought seasons. Sri Lanka being a small island with sufficient rain falls throughout the year should be able to eliminate this water scarcity in rural areas.

It is advised to implement an effective rainwater management system via an integrated system of artificial reserves and tunnels or pipelines across the island. Through this system, it is expected to store excess rainwater and to manage rainwater by supplying it from areas with higher rainfall to areas with low or no rainfall. The existing irrigation system can be connected with this proposed system and this system will provide every citizen access to usable water while providing an effective solution for floods as well.

~ Gayan Maheepala

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  • kasun says:

    Very Good proposal. We should create an inter connected irrigation system and pump excess water from the wet zone into the dry zone. This can be a solution to flooding too. This will be an ambitious project but imaging the positive impact this will have on humans, animals and the Agricultural output of the country.

  • Shara says:

    Indeed it is a great solution for drought and floods.

  • Samith says:

    Great Idea.

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