Regulate Cultivation Chemicals

People cannot purchase medicine without the prescription of a doctor for the safety of their own. Similar measures should be taken for agrochemicals as well, for our own safety and health.

The government can achieve this through awareness, education, and training of Agricultural Officers. These officers can then recommend suitable products to farmers. This initiative step can further be extended to educate and train farmers as well.

This cause could possibly regulate the access and improper use of poisonous chemicals by farmers.

~ Donald Perera

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~ Lakmali Palipana

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  • Yas says:

    I think the mitigation of the usage of harmful chemicals should be carried out in a broader perspective. We should facilitate the research about natural pesticides and insecticides. We should investigate the scientific background of the methods we used in the past.
    Sometimes awareness is not enough. We should provide a code of conduct or ethical conduct for farmers and agricultural officers to reduce the excess usage of harmful chemicals.

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