Green Transportation

By September 27, 2019Causes, Smart Cities

Whilst many countries switch to eco-friendly transportation, Sri Lanka has been lagging behind in such initiatives.

It is suggested to encourage vehicle users to switch to electric vehicles through tax reliefs and an expanded network of charging stations, and also allocate cycle lanes to the public wherever possible. Carpooling needs to be encouraged with the help of technological support to reduce single-passenger vehicle movements. Pavements need to be clearly separated and well maintained to encourage walking.

~ Januka Modarage

Suggestions to implement this:

People who have a solar system with at least 4 kW, should be given higher tax relief for electric vehicles. Government officers must be encouraged to have electric vehicles by restricting tax release for other than an electric or plug-in hybrid vehicle. Interest concession must be given for installing solar systems.

Make joint venture between Electricity board and Ceypetco to give high charging facility to vehicles all around the country. Every Ceypetco filling station must then be installed with at least two high chargers (European charger have the capability to charge vehicle less than half an hour).

Charging fee concessions must be given to solar power owners for high charge.
Invest and install solar systems on bare lands and lakes
Implement systems for recycling and replacement of batteries with major electric vehicle companies.
Adjust charging fees according to peak and off-peak hours.

~ H A Amila Sampath

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