Computerised Citizen Database

A computerised system should be introduced to store authorised citizens’ information. This can firstly be implemented and executed by gathering basic information which can be enhanced in time.

Currently, banks utilise this. All banks have information about their clients which is accessible simply via the ID number.

A computerised system will enhance the efficiency of the services across different government sectors.

~ Anuradha Bandara Wijayakoon

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  • Devapriya Wickramage says:

    Although gathering citizen data is important for the governance, we should also be concerned about the privacy of the citizens. For example, the government should not have the right to track a citizen, without the approval of a court order. In other words, the government should not become a “surveillance state” like some autocratic regimes have become.

  • Yas says:

    I’m ok with the centered database of citizens. I believe it will not compromise the privacy of the citizen,since some of our details are gathered in most of govt. departments individually. But, it should ensure the security of the data, it should eliminate all the possibilities of the misuse of data. Therefore, providing access only to the govt. Officials are sufficient. For example if the medical records were recorded, then only the doctors should be able to access the information other than the owner and the person who accessed the inform should be recorded.
    And such a system always comes with unexpected threats e.g. hackers. Therefore, before the implementation there should be a better risk management plan.

    • Anuradha Wijayakoon W R says:

      Agreed.. here what i would like to store is, basic information such as residential address. Driving license family information.. then through services it can be provided to others via authentication.. eg: traffic police department can pull all driving license records.. banks can pull residential address and financial information..

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