To Protect & Develop Corals in Sri Lanka

By September 19, 2019Causes, Emerging Industries

Sri Lanka’s corals are faced with an imminent threat of destruction due to climate change, pollution, and illegal fishing methods. Plastic and polythene waste poses a great threat to the marine environment. Due to this, 90 percent of corals in Sri Lankan waters are already dead, and the remaining 10 percent would also be lost in another 10 years. Coral reefs provide homes and nursery grounds for many fish species. Due to this damage and severe threat, a solution has been developed that when a coral is damaged by a storm, a piece of a colony might break off, tumble away, and eventually reattach to the bottom and continue to grow by cloning itself. Therefore deliberately fragment corals can create genetically identical clones. If we can develop this system in our own country we can implement this system and protect our valuable corals of Sri Lanka.

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