Everyone Should have the Opportunity to Attend a University

By September 19, 2019Causes, Education

In the current competitive world, a bachelor’s degree is a must for a high-paying job. The only easy way for a child of a normal family to obtain a degree is to pass the A / L examination and get the opportunity to attend university. However, only a very limited number of students for a year get through the GCE Advanced Level examination and secure admission to universities. Higher education for a large number of people is stopped halfway through. However, it is the responsibility of the government to provide these students with the assistance of the government to obtain a degree in any field. Therefore, rather than staying home after A/L examinations, they should be directed to various vocational training institutions, state-run educational institutions, and degree programs relevant to their vocational skills.

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  • Samantha Karandagoda says:

    A degree should not be seen as the only pathway to a high paying job. Also we should understand that it’s only an academic qualification. In the modern era, to get employed (or to become a successful self practitioner/ business owner), one should receive trade education such as electricians, mechanics, beauticians, horticulturists etc (this is only a few from a long list).

    On top of trade education they should become skilled in interpersonal skills, business (esp customer) orientated thinking and above all, an attitude never to quite and serve the country.

    We can do this together. Youth Affairs and Skills Development Minister Dullas Alahapperuma before 2015 did a marvelous job to achieve the above. So it will be a great idea to appoint him again to the same position and he will show wonders in action.

  • KMG Prasanna Premadasa says:

    An excerpt from the suggestions i made ….

    ….If the aim is to find a lasting solution for the lack of opportunities for the large majority in Higher education, the identification of HEIs based on the funding source should be stopped. Classification of HEIs as state/ public and non-state or private is fundamentally wrong and appear to discriminate already marginalized majority student population. It moreover creates unwarranted elitist state for so called state HEIs while non-state or private HEIs are considered either inferior or modest; which is unhealthy for SLHE as a whole….

    KMGP Premadasa (PhD)

  • T N De silva says:

    ශ්‍රී ලංකාව තුල අ. පො. ස. සාමාන්‍ය පෙල හා උසස් පෙල විභාග වලින් අනතුරුව උසස් අධ්‍යාපනය නොලබා සමාජයට එකතුවන වාර්ෂික තරුණ ජනගහනය 80% ක් පමණ වන අතර මෙම පිරිස සදහා විදිමත් උසස් අධ්‍යාපන පසුබිමක් සකස් වන්නේ නම් ඔවුනගෙන් ව්‍යාපාර සංවර්ධනය සදහා විශාල දායකත්වයක් ලබා ගත හැකි වනු ඇත. ඒ සදහා රජයට දැරීමට සිදු වන පිරිවැය වෙනත් ක්‍රමයකින් සපයා ගත හැකියි .
    සංචාරක ව්‍යාපාරය විධිමත් කිරීමත්, එතුලින් විදේශිකයන් සදහා මෙරට අධ්‍යාපන අවස්ථාව න් ලබා දීමත් තුලින් විනිමය සපයා ගත හැකි වනු ඇත. මේ සදහා ප්‍රමාණවත් ඉඩපහසුකම් හා සම්පත් දායකත්වයක් මෙරට තුල ඇත. අවශ්‍ය වන්නේ නිවැරදි නායකත්වක් , ඕනෑකමින් හා මූලික පිරිවැයක් පමණි.
    Ex. Army Hos & institute – werahera
    Kasetsart Univerciy Thailand

  • Nipuna says:

    “Everyone should have opportunity to attend a university “I agree but it doesn’t have to be free it should be affordable for anyone who are willing to pay by their selfs .and also degree is not the correct way for high paying job . Students read degree because they hav interest in that subjects not because they have to .

  • Shehan says:

    Every state university degree should be priced and told the students how much taxpayers money spent on their education. Also, everyone should be allowed to pay that amount and follow the same degree based on a minimum requirement.

    The government should introduce different scholarship schemes rather than just giving the whole degrees 4/5 years free. Only the first year should be free as a diploma. Based on performance scholarships should be awarded for the rest of the degree or work and pay for the rest of the education. Withing university students should be given opportunities to work. Encourage companies to hire students and pay for their education.

    This way universities would have more money, more students can enroll for a degree program, students will be busy studying rather involving in protests and harassing freshers.

    Make it compulsory to serve the country for a certain number of years for students who get free education.

  • Gayathri Seneviratne says:

    I don’t believe that anything should be free. Yes, every child should have access to education but atleast at a minimal price. Foreign countries have introduced student loan schemes that can be paid back while students work part time during their studies. This is something that can be formulated together with the Private Sector.

    Discipline is fundamental – ragging should be prohibited from Universities by completely suspending the opportunity that has been given to unruly students and giving their place to someone more deserving / next in line. Why we don’t have the capacity to enrol all students who pass out is also because their places have been taken up by students who just waste their time.

  • Sarath Hemachandra De Silva says:

    We better produce wise and skilled and people and country loved Sri Lankans, its good to have world Standard educational qualifications either degree or equal, but we need skilled employees and friendly and helpful government employees, the government employees are most important people, who can damage or create good fame about the government and leaders,

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