Develop Smart School Systems with Technology

Imagine your child not being able to go to school for a day or so and by that she/he would miss a lesson. Or the particular school your child goes to, does not have the proper education on technology. As citizens of the country, we wonder what kind of necessary measures we can take regarding such issues. This is why we have developed a system that could be implemented in schools that would be transformed in the latter to smart schools. Not only does your child keep track of everyday lessons but also the knowledge of technology will be enhanced through lessons and the usage of the E-world. But regardless of that, we should first increase the knowledge of English among all students in all schools of the country. By doing so, your child will no longer miss any lessons or get a lesser knowledge on technology and the language English, but day by day the knowledge of your child will be increased and developed.

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  • Devapriya Wickramage says:

    While I agree with enhancing schools with technology, the pressing matter regarding schools is unequal resources at different locations. And the most important resource in a school is a teacher! Make sure the schools have enough teachers. Teacher to Child ratio should reach 1:20 or less. Also, teachers should be able to work without stress. For that, working closer to their homes is important. Current teacher transfer system puts some teachers in stress. Overhauling the teacher transfer system is something that can be done without a huge capital investment. Hiring more teachers, especially from the areas higher teacher to child ratios, is important. Finally, pay the teachers well to attract more talented people as teachers.

    Smart schools is a good idea, only if all the schools in the country can be converted to be a one. Converting some schools as smart school while others are being delayed will create “privileged” schools which will worsen the race to enroll children in a “good” school.

  • Roshan Fernando says:

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